How Do I Know Where To Start Learning About Floral Design If I DON’T Want To Be A Florist?

Hello flower lover

It’s a common belief in the commercial world that “a confused mind always says NO”. This website sets out to give you lots of information, inspiration and techniques so you can make a start on your floral design journey regardless of your skill level, experience or available time!

All in one place so you can clear the confusion and overwhelm.

My own floral journey over the past 20 years has been highlighted by inspiring mentors/designers who have generously shared their knowledge and skills. I’ve travelled a sporadic design path, juggling work, family, fading interest, frustration with lack of knowledge or where to find it.

In all those years there was still an underlying spark of interest. I didn’t want to pursue this as a full time career or a regulated hobby. I wanted to be able to pick some flowers or foliage and make them into a pleasing design I could look at.

Not a flower arrangement. Not a formal looking showcase of flowers but a work of art. Sometimes modern, sometimes minimal, sometimes just to show the beauty of a leaf or flower stem I had picked on a walk.

I tried looking online. Too many choices – all seeming to lead to being a florist.

I tried using books. Lots of wonderful images but very few instructions or hints as to the actual construction of a design.

I tried going to flower shows where they had demonstrations. These were great to watch but didn’t really start from the basics. I also had to try and remember all I had seen!!

As the years passed, my skills grew. Mostly because I pushed myself to find people who shared their expertise, were patient with my questions and gave me feedback on my designs when I produced them.

The most valuable way to learn is by doing.

But you still have to know where to start. That’s why I decided to have this website. I want to take away the confusion for those just starting out so you can make that start.

It’s my turn to help those who are on the path of finding creative satisfaction by “playing” with flowers…… actually with plant material of all kinds.

So, on this site, you will find a range of resources. They are designed specifically for those of us who do not have the time or sometimes the inclination to attend regular meetings to learn about this creative outlet. Click on the links below to explore some of what is on offer here.

Ideas and Inspirations

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Don’t wait for another time – come and join me on a floral design journey.


Oranges and Lemons Design
Oranges and Lemons from a display themed “Nursery Rhymes”

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