Member Design Competition

Taste the relish to be found in competition — in having put forth the best within you.

Henry Kaiser

Are you ready to find the answer to that inner voice that keeps asking you if your designs are really good enough?
Do you believe that personalised feedback on your design from internationally qualified floral art judges will help you reach your design goals?

When you answer yes to these questions it’s time to enter our monthly online floral art competition.

This competition is open to any member of FloralArtOnline.Com ready to submit a photo of a design of their own making based on the given title (and sometimes design style) for each month.

As members, you may enter as many designs as your level of membership allows – Basic allows 4 per year, Enhanced allows 3 per month and Focus allows 5 designs per month. Each design will receive written feedback within 3 days of the close of the design.

When entries are open you will find the title and required design style outlined here as well as submission details and closing date.

All designs are judged by accredited floral art judges and all designers will receive feedback from the judges. With permission, the winning design/s will be featured here and can be viewed by clicking the links below the details for this month’s competition.

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November 2021: Reaching Out (PETITE)

Competition opens: Wednesday 3 November 2021 

Closing date: Friday 26 November 2021

Results announced: Tuesday 30 November 2021

Plant material must predominate. No artificial plant material may be used. Minimal embellishments. Space allowed width maximum 24cm, height 24cm, depth 24cm. These dimensions are the maximum limit – if you want to submit a smaller design it must be larger than 10cm in each dimension to fit the Petite classification.

For this competition the judges would like to see you design in a circular form within the Petite dimensions. This could mean a circular base, a wreath shape or spheres always remembering it needs to remain in the Petite size allocation.

Details of construction and plant materials used must be included with your entry.

Two images of your design should accompany your entry – one of the design and one which includes a measure showing the dimensions (height is particularly important).


Design images and construction details should be emailed to

Previous Winning Designs

The team at FloralArtOnline are working through these titles to produce some example designs as many of our members are not yet confident enough to have their designs published. We respect your choice and hope our designs will help you all.

Colourful Creations

Basket of Plenty

Anything Goes

Wallhanging with Branches

Geometric Harmony

Breaking Out

Wood and Water

The Language of Plants

Green and One Colour

Colourful Creation/s

Hot and Spicy


Flat Out

Going Up!

Happy Together (Pot-et-Fleur)

Season/s – Abstract Collage

In My Easter Bonnet

After the Fire/s

Celebration Wreath

Wild and Woolly


Breaking with Tradition

Contemporary Hand Tied Bouquet (Free Standing)

Creativity With Spathes


Its All Black and White

Up and Down

Round and Round


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