Here’s The Perfect Solution If You Want To Know All You Need To Know Before You Enter A Floral Art Competition


It’s always an exciting time when a Floral Art Competition is announced. Creative juices start to flow and you feel like entering all the Classes as ideas start to spin around in your head.

How Do I Choose What To Enter?

How do you choose which classes to enter?

How do you know how they will be judged?

When can you get your design to the competition area?

What plant material can you use?

Can you bring your design completed and ready to place on the competition bench? 

What Can I Find In The Show Schedule?

All of this valuable and necessary information is in the Show Schedule. The schedule and competition rules help you make an informed decision about which Classes to enter, what you can prepare beforehand, what plant material both can and cannot be used as well as a myriad of other details that are vital to your success as a floral art competitor.

Don’t run the risk of being disqualified before your design is even judged. Be aware of what rules will apply to the judging. Be confident that the class you choose to enter is one where your design skills can be showcased.

Read the Show Schedule. Think about what it is telling you. Then make your decisions.

Preparation is the difference between a good competitor and a World Champion.

Take advantage of the detailed preparation and thinking that I go through before every competition. Whether that competition is a local show, a National Competition or for a design destined for the world stage at a Floral Art World Championship, against the best floral artists and designers from over 35 countries around the globe. 

You don’t have to work all this out on your own. Benefit from decades of my experience, both at home or on the world stage. Use it as your road map, to let your best design shine brightest when you need it to.

Learn from personal insights into the important and relevant information in a Show Schedule that you should be seeking before you even decide to enter a floral art competition.

Listen now so you can be confident of making the best decisions for your next floral art competition.


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