Bench Designs

Bench (or table) designs are the most common way to stage floral art for competition.

When planning your design, particularly the colours, make sure you have read the schedule carefully to know what covering will be on the bench. This way you can ensure either to contrast or blend your base of the design for impact.

In this section you will find designs that have been staged on a show bench. This generally means they are judged from the front, sometimes the front and sides.

All have a width space limitation (often 70cm) but no height or depth restriction other than the actual bench and ceiling of the show area.

Click on the Class title for my description of how the design was constructed and the judging comments.

Quick and Easy Repurposed Basket
Movement In A DesignExperimenting With Colour BackgroundsWine Glasses Tablecentre
From Harvest HallBoxed InSlice of Cake
Textures using Australian Native FloraWithin A Tall Glass ContainerA Turned Wood Bowl
Repurposing A “Vase”Simple Vase ArrangementSpecial Purpose Vases
Easy Design Using Sticky Tape GridUsing A Float BowlRepurposing A Yoghurt Container
Tray Based Christmas Or Party IdeaBauble-Plate-Dec22Supermarket Flowers Christmas Plate Simple Horizontal DesignSimple Horizontal Line Design
Simple Glass Bowl ArrangementUsing A Glass BowlPinecone-BasketPine Cone BasketWelcome-to-SpringWelcome To Spring
HSOC-2022-Contemporary-Christmas-TreeContemporary Christmas TreeLong-and-Winding-RoadLong and Winding RoadTantalising TexturesTantalising Textures
Bark and BambooBark and BambooIris-Beauty-HSOC-2022Iris BeautyColours-of-SunsetColours of Sunset
Air-2022AirWater-AOIFAWaterCoiled-Spring-FrontCoiled Spring
Achromatic-FantasyAchromatic FantasySilver ThreadsSilver ThreadsGlobal WarmingGlobal Warming
Engagement party flowersEngagement PartyInterpreting Common Class TitlesBeauty-of-Colour-at-ShowBeauty of Colour at the Show
Bark-and-Roses-2022Bark and RosesFruit-and-veg-Canberra-ShowFruit and VegetablesVersatile Table CentresVersatile table centre
Watering Can Gift ArrangementEasy Floral GiftDispersionDispersionAccelerationAcceleration
Skewed-ViewA Skewed ViewForm design 2Studying Form – Design 2Form design 1Studying “Form” 1
Colourful CreationsColourful Creations – ExamplesChristmas FlowersRestless-TexturesRestless Textures
Layers-of-the-BushLayers of the BushAlong-the-Fence-LineAlong The Fence LineHorizontally-ChallengedHorizontally Challenged
From-Natures-perspective-ContemporaryFrom Nature’s PerspectiveBoxed-RosesRoses In A BoxTransparency BenchTransparency
Southern HeatSouthern HeatIndoor CelebrationDeveloping Your Design SkillsBauble CentrepieceTablecentres – Getting Started
Repetition-in-DesignsSpring Designs – Massed ColourAustralian Native FloraCelebrating Spring with Australian Native FloraSnowflakes and IciclesSnowflakes and Icicles
Lockdown Practice DesignAnother “Lockdown” Practice DesignLockdown June 2020Practice Designs – Lockdown June 2020White Christmas
Christmas SparkleContemporary Christmas SparkleBeyond-the-BoundariesBeyond The BoundariesRevealing-the-LayersRevealing the Layers
Using strelitzia leavesDried Strelitzia Leavesmixed media floral artIntegrated – Mixed Media Floral Designtrees with stringDesign With Mini Tree Shapes
Futuristic-Glenelg-2019FuturisticCotton-Country-CreativityCotton Country CreativityFramed-in-BlackFramed In Black
Outside the SquareOutside the SquareCootamundra Demo 2019Using What You Can FindDistinctly DifferentDistinctly Different
Nautically InspiredNautically InspiredBreaking With TraditionBreaking With TraditionRusticaRustica
Flirty Foliage
Black and White Demo MittagongBlack and White – Techniques Demonstration DesignWeathered-and-RusticWeathered and Rustic
Line dancingLine DancingSpiralling UpSpiralling UpConvention Entrance
WFC 2018World Flower Council Summit 2018 – Reception Area DesignOrchids by the SeaOrchids By The SeaBridging the GapBridging the Gap
Spathe-demoExploring Personal Design Styles in Floral ArtContemporary-Christmas-Tree-2017Contemporary Christmas TreeCity Country Floral DesignCity and Country
Caught in the NestCaught in the NetFrom the Woodshed 2018From the WoodshedLandscape from a DroneLandscape from a Drone
Morning TeaMorning TeaAt The BeachAt The BeachModern Using Three Flowers
Design in a PumpkinStumped – Creative Award WinnerAlternative-Christmas-TreeAlternative Christmas Tree
WrappedMusical-Instrument-2Incorporating a Musical InstrumentMusical-InstrumentIncorporating a Musical Instrument – Interpretive
Over the EdgeOver the Edge – Autumn DelightsPot et FleurPot et FleurThornsRoses, Thorns, Prickles
GatheredSafely GatheredSucculentsSticks, Stones and SucculentsSwishSwirlWith a Swish and a Swirl
CapturedCapturedAntarcticaAntarcticaBetween the LinesBetween the Lines
From the GardenFrom the GardenSplit PersonalitySplit PersonalityAll-green-3All Green

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