Design Examples

Design is the intermediary between information and understanding.

Hans Hofmann

Get Insider Tips So Your Floral Designs Look Better Than You Ever Thought Possible

Do you search regularly in Pinterest or Google for inspiration for your next floral design?

Me too!

Then I noticed that many people were looking at my designs on Pinterest and saving them too, so I thought…why not actually share how I put them together, the trials and successes, the judging comments.

So here they are.

Every week (usually on a Tuesday) I post a new design example or a step by step technique. Some have video as well (when I remember to take it as I go!)

Each design example is from an actual competition. I have grouped the various types together either by staging style (e.g. floor, bench) or judging method (e.g. all around). Some designs also appear as examples of a defined design style e.g. collage, assemblage, pot-et-fleur etc.

Each example has information on how the design was constructed as well as genuine judging feedback.

By clicking on the link/s below you will be taken to a page that shows all the designs currently available for that staging or type.

I hope you find then useful (as well as inspiring).

Bench Designs (staged on a Show bench or table and judged from the front)

Floor Designs (staged on a supplied floor base with backing, judged from the front and sides)

All Around Designs (staged on the floor, a plinth, a cube, a mesh frame)

Miniature and Petite Designs (these are defined by actual maximum sizes, either under 10cm or under 24cm)

Defined Design Styles (abstract, assemblage, pot-et-fleur, modern, wall hanging etc)

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