All Around Designs

The challenge for an “all around” design is to make it interesting from every angle. Not the same from every side but interesting from every side.

These designs are most commonly staged on a plinth, cube or mesh provided by the competition organisers. They are merely staging (in place of a bench or table) with the design having a designated sizing that may be different to the staging e.g. a plinth 40cm x 100cm with the design being allocated 1m square.

So it’s very important to read the schedule to keep your design to the required sizing as well as making the best use possible of the staging provided.

Take a look at some of the designs below to see what I mean.

Click on the Class title link so you can read and see how the design was constructed, the staging requirements and the judging comments.

All Around Designs

Wander Over Yonder 2022Wander Over Yonder
Every-Which-WayEvery Which WayMardi Gras 2022Mardi GrasRhythmic OverflowRhythmic Overflow
Branching-Out-NativesBranching OutRoses-and-FeathersRoses and FeathersAll Knotted UpAll Knotted Up
Square dancingSquare DancingUps and DownsUps and DownsLayer by LayerLayer By Layer
Cascading BeautyCascading BeautyRed Centre of AustraliaRed Centre of AustraliaBark and BloomsBark and Blooms
All Roped UpAll Roped Updynamic structureDynamic StructureMountains-to-the-SeaMountains To Sea
InterlinkedInterlinkedFascinating-FormFascinating FormsTable centrepieceDesigning A Table Centre With Paper Drinking Straws
Over the garden fenceOver The Garden FenceContorted ControlContorted ControlIn-High-Spirits-WAFA-Barbados-2017WAFA Barbados 2017 – In High Spirits
Creativity with SpathesCreativity with SpathesInterwoven Beauty side1Interwoven BeautyEspionage floral designEspionage
Rhythmic Lines1Rhythmic LinesDesert Winds1Desert WindsAbstract Rustic rhythmRustic Rhythm – Abstract
Shapes and texturesShapes and TexturesStacking and Packing1Stacking and PackingStanding TallStanding Tall
Flowers Fruit1Fruits of the Landwine industry1Incorporating the Wine IndustryRing1Ring a Roses
Walk in the BushWalk in the BushCotton weavingWeaving with CottonDrama with DriftwoodDrama with Driftwood

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