Online Floral Art Competition

Do something today that will encourage you to blossom.

Are you interested in a floral art competition but don’t want to be embarrassed by your design in case it’s not as good as others might do?

Would you like to get personalised feedback from internationally qualified floral art judges on your design?

Answering yes to either (or both) of these questions means you are in the right place.

Here at FloralArtOnline we provide you with the opportunity to show your floral art and design passion by taking part in a floral design competition (completely free) so you can share our delight in creating art from plant materials.

These competitions are held many times per year. Each time there is a choice of one (1) of three (3) titles, with entries limited to fifty designs (50) per title so our judges can provide individual feedback for every design.

As all designs receive written feedback from qualified international floral art judges, we need to restrict entries to one design per person. This allows as many as possible to enter within our total entry restriction of 150.

This free online floral art and design competition is not open to professionals in the floral industry, only to those like you and I who want to pursue a passion for flowers and floral design, whether it is with plant material we have grown or some we have purchased.

The designs will always have the following specifications:

  • width 60cm,
  • depth 40cm,
  • height unrestricted;
  • staged and photographed on a table;
  • judged from front and sides;
  • plant material must predominate;
  • no artificial plant material may be used;
  • one image of your design will need to be emailed by the closing date for the competition;
  • construction and plant details are to be submitted with your image of your design. (This helps the judges since they may not be familiar with all plant material from around the world!)

Here’s something special – The winning design from each title will be featured on this website and the winner will receive a specially made rosette (posted to wherever you are in the world).

All you need to do now is indicate your interest by completing the form below. You don’t need to do anything yet – just reserve your spot so you don’t miss out on this opportunity to have your design assessed by our internationally qualified floral art judges.

We’ll let you know the class titles as soon as they are determined as well as the closing date for design images (generally about 60 days from when the competition opens).

Your design feedback will be sent within 5 days of the closing date of the competition.

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