Floral Art Fingers

“Here’s the perfect solution if you want to use hot glue even if you always seem to burn your fingers.”

Floral Art Fingers

Introducing….. Floral Art Fingers

You want to be able to place plant material in your design in exactly the right spot.

You want it to stay there for the judging.

You want to keep all your fingers burn free…..

How much better will you feel about a design knowing that every placement is right where you want it and that it is going to stay there? How many more design options would you have if you could rely on glue to hold plant material in place but not burn your fingers trying to hold it until the glue sets!

As a valued visitor to our floral art community (FloralArtOnline.Com) I am delighted to share with you our latest endorsed product.

Floral Art Fingers are silicon finger tips that you can use when you are gluing components of your designs. They work equally well with hot or cold glue – amazing!

Floral Art Fingers give you the freedom to design which means you don’t have to compromise because you can’t get the gluing mechanics right.

Made from industrial grade silicone (just like the oven gloves), floral art fingers come in a range of sizes in the one pack so you can mix and match the right size for the fingers you use.

Simple to slip on and take off when not in use, unlike a full glove that makes your hands sweat which, in turn, makes it more difficult to get your placements exactly right.

Our team have tested Floral Art Fingers extensively for the past three months whilst preparing designs as well as structures. They work like a charm – no more burned fingers and no more messy cleanup after using cold glue.

Just slip Floral Art Fingers on to whichever fingers you would normally use to hold items whilst gluing or waiting for glue to bond. You’ll see the difference immediately.

Click here to get yours now 🙂

Hot or cold glue doesn’t stick to Floral Art Fingers so you can complete your designs with more accuracy and detail.

Floral Art Fingers

For years we have either burned our fingers or had finger tips covered with that impossible to remove florist glue (commonly called cold glue). Well, no more.

Ready to get your own Floral Art Fingers? Click here for all the details.

Let us know how they work for you 🙂

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