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How to Improve Your Floral Art Designs In As Little As 20 Minutes A Week

A bunch of flowers ……. some leaves …….. what to do with them that’s creative??

From the very basics of thinking about a flower arrangement to the more involved planning for a big competition, let me share my thoughts and experiences with you here.

New and original content is added regularly. This includes:

  1. A competed floral art design with details of construction so you can understand the things that worked and those that didn’t;
  2. Step by step instructions on new techniques which means you can learn these techniques without having to leave home;
  3. International floral art judges’ comments on featured designs so you can get a better understanding of how floral art designs are judged in competitions;
  4. Images from international competitions and displays so you can be inspired what is being designed in countries around the world;
  5. Online design competitions and results – some for our online members, others open to all – which means you can compete and get individual judges feedback, once again without having to leave home;
  6. Videos and podcasts about particular areas of floral design so you can watch or listen whenever and as often as you like;
  7. Tips from experienced floral designers on how to prepare for competitions at any level which means you will be better prepared for your next competition whether its online or at a flower show .

‘The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.’

–Dr. Seuss

Wouldn’t it be amazing to travel somewhere new and showcase your floral design talents? Let’s get started on that journey for you.

Click on one of the links below so you can take the first step.

Let your passion flourish!!

Ideas and Inspirations

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