Water in Awkward Places

Suspension - Fireworks 2

This is one of my “Fireworks” designs – a suspension. I had to find a way of incorporating water sources for the flowers in this design – a way that was not too obvious in the design. Traditional sources such as glass vials or test tubes would have to be covered and I felt that would detract from the overall lightness of the design. Here is my solution, adapted from a technique by Christine de Beer.


water11. Find some water bomb balloons – usually available in party and toy stores. These balloons are much smaller than standard balloons so work well for a single stem insertion. Select colours that will either blend with your design or add interest by contrast with the plant material.



water 22. Cut small lengths of coloured wire and spiral around a toothpick or bamboo skewer.



water 3






water 43. Wrap wire around neck of balloon and on to your design, making sure to leave enough gap to insert both water and plant stem. I usually leave the toothpick in the balloon for spacing until I fill with water. The extra wire spirals can be incorporated into your design if appropriate or cut them off if you need them to be unseen.


Water Sources4. Use a basting syringe or eyedropper to place water in the balloon, place plant material in the balloon and attach to your design. This size balloon is suitable for single stems only. Use the same technique with larger balloons for more stems.

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