Using Hula Hoops For A Floral Design Structure

How often have you thought about a design only to be stopped by not having a structure that helped tell the story of the design? Here is a simple way to create a useful and versatile structure from inexpensive materials.

The basic “ingredients” for this structure are two hoops – I have used children sized plastic hula hoops from a local discount store. Alternatives might be tapestry or metal rings, plastic tubing, garden hoses etc.

These rings could be mounted on an offcut of timber or other base material to lift your design slightly off the bench. On this occasion I did not use a base.

To provide structural stability I have inserted lengths of dowel between the two hoops. This is done by simply pushing them through the plastic of the hoop and then gluing in to place.

Once you have this basic structure it can be covered to suit the design you are thinking about.

Example Design

Floating Suspended Shape

This design utilises two techniques I have outlined on this website. The first is the two hoop structure and the second is the shape made with the “Himmeli” technique which you can learn by clicking here.

For the structure, I have glued coconut fibre to cover both the hoops and the connecting dowels. This is reinforced by wrapping with paper covered wire.

As I wanted a smoother look for the coconut fibre I have also massaged some moisturiser into it (amount shown in photo covered the entire structure).

The Himmeli technique shape is threaded with steel grass to enhance the feeling of movement. Actual movement is achieved by suspending the shape with a swivel from a connector dowel between the hoops.

This design was awarded a Highly Commended. The judges comments indicated it was a good structure but too dominating for the class title.

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