Using Drinking Straws To Make A Structure – Himmeli Technique

Large Himmeli Wreath

This is a spin off from a traditional Scandinavian technique to make home decorations.

I have used paper drinking straws since paper can now be used in floral art competition designs. It could also be done with any other hollow but strong plant material such as bamboo.

Depending on the length of the sections you use, you can make all sorts of different shapes. This post (and the video) cover understanding the basic technique so you can be as creative as you like after you master this!

You will need:
140 sections of drinking straws (from a standard 20cm straw you will get 4 sections)
Thin wire – minimum 12 metres (for the smaller wreath)
Wire cutters

Here’s the video – just pause it as you do each step, it’s much easier than me trying to get all the steps into words!

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