Using Cardboard In Floral Designs

In thinking about a class title of “Up and Down” which was to be staged on a plinth, I wanted to experiment with corrugated cardboard as this is now allowed in some floral art competitions.

I was thinking about a bar graph and how it goes up and down so decided to use that as an image to model my structure for the design.

First step was to cut varying lengths of cardboard from old boxes. Although these were varying lengths I kept the width the same as the plinth top (for staging) is a square 30cm.

I inserted wires inside the corrugations with an equal length extruding so it could be bent a right angles to join sections of the cardboard strips that were to be glued together.

Random sections were glued together and pressed to dry with one straight edge at the base so they could be stacked against each other or on the plinth. The variety of groups allowed for some changing of the structure when I was actually staging the design.

This is the final design which you can read about in a separate post – Up and Down.

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