Using Banana Skins

In the course of browsing through YouTube, I came across this easy technique to produce some unusual shapes for incorporation in floral art. As we are not restricted to flowers, showcasing other forms of plant material can be a bonus in your competition designs.

I’m a bit skeptical of how easy some videos make a particular activity look, so decided I would try this first before talking about it on this website.

It worked like a charm and was as easy as!

Basically, I left the banana skins in mottled sunshine for just over a week, turning them once to ensure an even drying process. Here is the progress:

Once dried, I stored them on paper in an airtight container (although I don’t think that is actually necessary, it’s just neater for me).

They can be painted – in the video below I used left over nail polish. I didn’t want to cover the whole skin so it was clear that it was a plant based material in my design.

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