Test Tube Table Centres

This is a technique I learned many years ago from a floral designer based in New Zealand. As it can be adapted for so many uses, I find it one of my most useful basic techniques.

You will need:

Corflute/foam board
Two circular outlines of different sizes (dinner plate and saucer for example)
Plastic vials/tubes
Elastic bands (small size)
Suitable cover for corflute/foam board to match your design

Step 1 – Mark two concentric circles on the corflute/foam board.

Step 2 – Cut out the circles.

Step 3 – Cut in half to give you two semi-circles. This gives you a variety of ways to place the structure on the table – a circle, parallel semi circles, or a long “s” shape that can be extended for the full length of a banquet table.

Step 4 – Measure for placement of vials so that they are equidistant from one another. Make sure you have one at each end of the shape (for stability).

Step 5 – Make a hole and push the vials about halfway through.

Have two elastic bands ready for each vial.

Step 6 – Place an elastic band on the top and underneath side of the corflute/foam board for each vial. This ensures the vials do not slip.

Stand your structure on a flat surface to ensure stability.

Step 7 – Cover corflute/foam board to suit your design.

Fill vials with water and it’s ready for your plant material.

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