Tatami Style Matting

I have an exerpt from a webinar I did in 2017 that shows you how to do this technique below.

Here are the step by step instructions:

  1. You will need straight lengths of plant material – try different types so you can find one you are comfortable using. Bamboo skewers, palm influorescence, reeds, typha, willow, steel grass etc
  2. Paper covered wire or wire to blend or highlight your plant material.
  3. Cut two lengths of wire to be twice the size of your finished mat. Fold in half so you have two strands of the same piece of wire.
  4. Place your first piece of plant material against the bend in the wire at least 1.5cm (up to 5cm) from the edge of the plant material.
  5. Pinch the wires together and twist twice.
  6. Repeat at the other end of your plant material with the second piece of wire.
  7. Place the next piece of plant material parallel to the first, between the wire strands against the last twist.
  8. Pinch wires together and twist twice.
  9. Repeat at other end of plant material.
  10. Continue working both ends of your plant material in this way until you have reached the requires size for your mat. Twist wires off and cut any excess.
  11. Trim along edges of plant material is required for uniform finish.
  12. If you need to join wire during the process, incorporate this into the twisted sections.

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