Stick Structure for Miniature Contemporary Arrangements

This is a great technique for contemporary miniature designs. It can be challenging to find a container or structure small enough to allow plant material placements within the miniature sizing requirements, usually under 10cm (4 inches).

Using the same method as for the tatami matting style technique (which you can read about by clicking here), but with standard wires rather than paper covered wire, this will give you a length of structurally strong material that you can use as the “container” for your design.

Using two lengths of wire, place matchsticks or pieces of bamboo skewer and twist into place.
Continue until you have a length of about 30cm maximum (for a miniature design).

Wrap thin decorative wire along the length of the twists to camouflage the binding wire.
Bend the length into a shape that will work for your design.

Complete your design with placements of plant material.

Here is a completed design using craspedia and circles of paperbark glued to the structure which, in turn, is glued to a circular disk of timber.

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