Preparing a Hanging Wire Cage

This is a technique for covering garden accessories and containers such as coated wire wall mounts and hanging baskets. By using these items we have a sturdy structure on which to develop our design. The example uses a wall mount cone shape basket.

Wire cage 11. Measure out sufficient paper to cover the container on all sides. I use discarded wrap from vinyl banners as I have easy access to this (and it is generally thrown away if I don’t use it). The benefit of this paper is that it is shiny and semi water resistant on one side and flat on the other. You will need to choose paper of a reasonable weight if you intend to glue plant material onto the covered frame.

Wire cage 22. Fold the paper around the container and tape in shape (don’t tape to container yet).

Wire Cage 33. Trim excess paper, leaving enough to fold over and glue around edges.

Wire cage 44. Remove container and place paper shape to one side.

Wire cage 55. Place glue (I use florist glue for quick drying) along frame.

Wire Cage 66. Place the container inside the paper shape and press to ensure glue and paper are bonded.

Wire Cage 77. Tape or glue over edges.

8. Allow to completely dry before beginning any design work.

This technique, being used to create an autumn/fall leaf container, is included in a video tutorial along with palm frond weaving, banana leaf folding, reed weaving (corn dolly style), foliage domes, offcut shapes and spider webbing.

Here is the section on making and covering this structure:


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