Paper Spiral Structure

This is a variation of the Corn Dolly Reed Weaving technique you can look at by clicking here.

In this version I am using rolled paper (from a supermarket catalogue) to create a structure I can use for a contemporary design. The design was a featured display as part of the Australian Floral Art Association presence at the World Flower Council Summit of 2018 held in Brisbane, Australia.

You will need:
* Bottle for structure (this is not always necessary but good when you are learning the technique or need to transport your structure)
* 24+ rolled cylinders of paper
* Glue or tape

If you are not familiar with rolling paper cylinders, have a look at this easy technique by clicking here.

Place 5 double length cylinders (i.e. two for each joined together) in a star shape as shown with a central point where they all cross. Place your bottle centrally on the meeting point of the cylinders.

Attach one more cylinder to one of the sides – this is the stating point for weaving the shape.

Starting with the side that has two cylinders, take one and pass it over the next two cylinders.

Pick up the last cylinder passed over and pass this over the next two cylinders.

Continue by taking the last cylinder passed over to pass over the next two cylinders.

When joining cylinders, slide the new cylinder inside the existing one with a very small amount of glue (if required).

Continue weaving until desired length is reached. (Place an elastic band around the weaving to hold the top row in place if you need to remove the lid from your bottle, as I did here.)

Finish off by weaving the remaining cylinder lengths into the top row of weaving. Glue if required.

The shape can be manipulated (without the bottle inside!) as shown in my design. The bases in my design are the paper cylinders flattened and rolled together until I had the desired size.

Remember if you weave around a container, this is very useful if your design will be transported, as was the case with mine. I made the structure and packed it in to my carry on bag for the flight from home to Brisbane.

Here are some shots of the design coming together as well as in place with the larger Australian Floral Art Association exhibit.

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