Paper Serviette/Napkin Decoupage

With the introduction of paper as a “plant based” medium that is acceptable for some floral art competitions, we now have a wealth of opportunities to experiment.

In this instance I have ripped up 3ply paper serviettes to make a background for a wall hanging. Fortunately the design style required was “Mixed Media” so I could really extend the definitions of plant material as well as learn about mixed media in other art forms.

Those of you who followed the “Banana Skins” technique will recognise this design as it also uses the skins for textural contrast. If you haven’t seen that video, click here.

Mixed Media

Using paper serviettes on a range of surfaces is very straightforward. Simply separate the printed layer (usually only the top layer of the serviette) then place this on the surface. Lightly paint on some PVA glue and allow to dry. The trick is to be very gentle when painting on the glue as the serviette will tear or crumple easily once it is damp with glue.

Play around with shapes and placements – it’s just decoupage at a basic level! There are so many beautiful printed paper serviettes on offer, there’s bound to be something that will work for your design.

If you are going to use this technique as a large part of your design, always check that paper is considered a plant material under the judging for your competition.

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