Paper Doilies And Flowers

This technique is another in the series for those just starting out to explore their floral design creativity. It’s a simple table centre that can be made from recycling containers and a small amount of store bought items (which can then be reused for other projects).

You will need:
One round container (glass jar, plastic yoghurt tub)
Two medium size paper doilies
Six – eight smaller paper doilies (depending on size of container above)
Small plastic or glass vials
Hot glue
Dried or fresh flowers

If a video of the technique will help, watch my two beginners in the video at the end of these instructions.

Step 1
Fold both medium size doilies in half.
Fold one edge of the smaller size doilies about 1/3 of the full size.

Step 2
Roll all smaller doilies into cone shapes with the folded edge to the outside.

Step 3
Glue two larger doilies to outside of container with folded section facing out and flat edge to base of container.

Step 4
Glue water vial to inside of cones on container side (see the video).

Step 5
Glue all doily cone shapes to outside of container making sure seam is to the inside (see the video). Match the cones shapes at the container top edge not at the base.

Step 6
Fill container and vials with water ready for placement of fresh plant material.

Step 7
Fill the centre container first the have smaller or single placements in the outside vials.

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