Paper Curliques

Most judges will allow this technique and resulting structure as paper is derived from horticultural material. It is best used in contemporary designs.


Recycle newspaper or other papers to make these circles that can be built into
an armature or structure as a basis of a floral design.

Paper Curliques

Step 1 . Prepare a number of newspaper sheets – half a tabloid or quarter of a broadsheet


paper step1Step 2. Roll the sheet diagonally, starting at one corner and rolling towards the opposite corner. Rolling over a toothpick will help in getting the roll started but it will need to be removed before it is enclosed. Try to aim for the opposite corner as much as possible so that the roll ends with a corner point not a long edge of the paper sheet


paper step 2Step 3. Secure using glue or double sided tape.





paper step 3Step 4. Using the toothpick again to help start the roll, start at one end of the paper “straw” and roll it up into a tight snail-like round and secure the end




paper curliques 1Step 5. Use a glue gun to attach the rounds to each other.



Hints and uses:
• Any size paper can be used and a few different sizes will add interest
• It is important to ensure that the paper round is secure as they unroll if the end fastening comes loose
• The tighter the roll, the slimmer the round
• Using a line of glue on the paper straw before rolling, will ensure a secure finish
• Once the armature is made, it can be coated with clear lacquer, a glue slurry or painted to give more stability and to ensure it is waterproof
• Paper rounds painted or plain can be glued to a container to add texture and interest or used singly within a design
• Rounds can be attached to each other using decorative wire for an extra effect
and design feature
• Loose rolls or scrolls will add interest but they do not have the stability of the firm round. They can be glued on top of tight rounds
• Rolling a wire within the paper “straw” will give all sorts of design opportunities while also giving a stable base

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