Making Wax Containers

As an alternative to regular containers, you can make your own with this melted wax method. It does take some time so allow at least 3 hours for the process from start to finish. An old electric frypan or crockpot can be used to keep the wax at a steady temperature during the process but be mindful of the heat of the wax so you don’t get burned!

My thanks to Cecily Rogers for the workshop and permission to use the photos.


  1. Requirements – Wax, baking paper, stub wires, adhesive tape, bowl of cold water, spoon, tongs, regulated heat vessel such as frypan.


2. Cut baking paper into pieces and roll into a cone of the required size. Stick with adhesive tape. Trim the paper at the top of the cone.


3. Using tongs and spoon, gently coat the paper cone. Take your time and allow each thin coat to dry before repeating the process.

Dip into the bowl of cold water to help the setting process.




4. Continue coating until the desired thickness and rigidity is achieved.

At this point you can be creative with the surface finish – smooth or rustic.





5. Insert stub wire into base of cone and recoat with wax to seal the entry point.



6. Continue process for as many containers as you require, standing them upside down when complete.




7. Warm the stub wire (over a naked flame is quickest) and push into prepared wax base at desired locations. The wax base is made by pouring molten wax into an appropriately shaped container (lunch box, take away food container, base of planter etc), then popping out when set.







8. Place all required cones into base, reseal base and entry point of stub wire. Allow to cool and set completely.






9. Ready for use. Remember if you have sealed the cones correctly they will be watertight so no need for floral foam inside.




10. Complete your design!







Here is my effort from the workshop using old green candles (with the wicks removed, bottom photo).

I have inserted a long lasting banksia leaf into the wax at the base. If it is fully hydrated before insertion it will last for many days.

The cone itself has water for the gardenias.



The base was made in a desert bowl.

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