Making Large Twig Structures

In large scale contemporary designs it is common to make your structure and this twig circle has served me well for a few years. It took some trial and error to master a workable technique – here it is.

Large Twig Structure



Wiring Twigs1. Initially I tried to glue the twigs to themselves around the wire circle. This did not provide a strong enough base to attach any further plant material. My preferred method now is to wire thick twigs onto the base wire circle as though making a huge wreath. Cover the base wire circle to a two finger thickness then glue on thinner twigs for texture and coverage.




twig Circle 2


2. When doing a large circle, hang it from a sturdy hook or pole so that you can see any gaps. Work a section at a time until complete.


The final circle with be sturdy but flexible so take care with transportation.




Plant material, glass test tubes and other items can be glued, wired or threaded through the twigs for your design.

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