Large Wire Mesh Circles

Following on from the stand used for Kaleidescope, here is the technique used to make the wire circle part of the structure.

Wire Mesh Circle Structure

Once again it is a structure I have used in many different designs since making these.

For these you will need

  • some strong wire – I have used fencing wire;
  • wire mesh and
  • smaller gauge wire for joining the mesh to the larger wire.

Using fencing wire for the main structure helps to give a good circle as this is how it is stored!

  1. Cut a length of wire to give you the diameter of circle you need.
  2. Join the ends to form a circle by binding tightly with the smaller gauge wire. You could also solder this if you prefer.
  3. Measure the required amount of mesh to go around the entire circle.
  4. Using the small wire “sew” the mesh to the circle. Have a look at the image to get a better idea of what I mean.
Wire mesh Structure Detail

Your first circle is now ready to use. You can bend some of the mesh at 90 degrees to give you a better area to place your plant material.

In my photos I have joined three of these structures together to give some depth to my plant material placements. This is done with cable ties as you can see. The ends were trimmed before staging of the completed design.

Wire Mesh Circle Structures

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