Gumnut Spiders

A whimsical addition for your designs. You could make spiders (as shown here), beetles, flies or other appropriate bugs!

You will need: nuts, fine black wire, drill with appropriate drill bit, paint for decoration (optional), glue (optional).

Gumnut Spiders

Step 1. Clean the nuts or any debris and decide on top side.

Gumnut Spiders Step 1

Step 2. Drill appropriate number of holes for legs.

Gumnut Spiders Step 2

Step 3. Cut lengths of fine black wire, thread through holes and bend at angles for leg joints. Use glue to secure if necessary.

Gumnut Spiders Step 3a Gumnut Spiders Step 3b

Step 4. Decorate. Here they have red markings as I wanted them to be Australia’s infamous redback spiders.

Gumnut Spiders Step 4

Australia is also famous for flies. This is made with a casuarina nut.

Gumnut flies

Your bugs are ready to use.

From the Woodshed 2018Spiders

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