Foliage Fish

Foliage Fish


Here is a relatively simple but effective weaving method to make a fish to star in your floral design.

Step 11.You will need two thin flat strips of foliage for each fish. Place one strip, wider end pointing down, against three fingers of one hand.



Step 22. Loop the strip over your fingers




Step 33. Loop over once more.




Step 4a4. Hold the loops in one hand as we now need the other hand to weave the body of the fish. I find it easiest to have one finger through the bottom of the loops and hold this in place with my thumb.



Step 55. With the wider end of the second strip of foliage, begin an under/over weave through the front two sections of loops by taking the the strip under the first loop.




Step 5a6. Now take the strip over the second loop.





Step 67. This is where it is easy to get confused. Flip your hand over so that you can see the weave at the back. Go under and over the back loops which should bring you back to the starting point.



Step 78. Weave another row at the front, this time making sure to do the opposite to where the strip is placed from the first weave. i.e. if it is under the loop on the first row of weave it should be over the loop for the second row.



Step 7a9. Continue to weave for the back of the loops.





Step 810. Pull each of the four ends carefully to tighten the weave until you have the desired fish shape. Trim the ends.




Here is an example of using the fish in a design. This was titled “Great Barrier Reef”. The fish are attached to steel grass with double sided tape so they appear the be swimming through the design.

Great Barrier Reef

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