Foliage Artist Palette

How to Construct an Artist’s Palette using Foliage


Palette 11. Cut two pieces the shape of the palette from stiff cardboard.

2. Cut a strip of cardboard to go between the two pieces to give the palette some depth. This will also allow us to place some test tubes/water containers in the top of the palette for other decoration later.



Palette 23. Glue the strip to one palette piece. Allow to dry.






Palette 3

4. Glue the second palette piece to the other side of the strip. Allow to dry






Palette 35. Lay out a large dried leaf to cover the top of the palette. Any large leaf can be used – here I am using a lotus leaf.





Palette 46.  Glue the leaf (or overlapping leaves as I have done) to the top of the palette, leaving some overhang to glue down the sides. The sides do not have to be covered completely as we will put some further foliage there.




Palette 57. Mark the thumb hole in the palette and cut through the covering leaf.







side leaves8. Decorate the walls of the palette by gluing or pinning overlapping leaves – here I have used camellia leaves as they are long lasting out of water retaining their bright glossy green colour. Make sure to do the inside of the thumb hole as well.




Palette 69. Add your foliage “paints” – I have pushed candle holders through the top of the palette. These I will fill with floral foam then add various succulents and coloured foliage.




foliage paintbrush10. For the finished article I also made paintbrushes using shredded flax taped to a thin aspidistra stem. Its amazing what you can make with your cast offs from other arrangements!

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