Floral Bracelets | Easy Floral Wrist Corsage

This is a technique that anyone, I mean anyone, can manage. As you will hear in the video, both of these ladies have had absolutely no exposure to floral design prior to our session to make some floral bracelets. (The step by step instructions are listed below the video).

Here are the step by step instructions in case you would prefer this to the video.

  1. Using aluminium wire, make a loop large enough to go across your forearm or wrist. Make another loop the same size so you have a “figure 8” shape.
  2. Repeat so that you have two figure 8 shapes the same size.
  3. Repeat making loops at least 4 more times, making the loops smaller each time.
  4. Cut the wire and wrap as tightly as possible around the centre where all the loops intersect.
  5. Use pliers to squeeze the join as tight and flat as possible.
  6. Bend back the first two loops you made (now at the bottom of the shape) as these will be the par to go around your wrist/arm.
  7. Spread the remaining loops into a flower shape.
  8. Pinch the top of each “petal” to a point then squeeze with pliers. Ease out the shape for a more realistic “petal”.
  9. Decorate the “petals” with fine wire, sisal, jute, handmade paper etc.
  10. If adding fresh flowers, use florist glue to seal the cut end (to keep fresh), then attach to the bracelet with wire or glue.

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