Floral Bead Embellishments


This tutorial is not strictly about flower arranging but rather a technique you can use to make simple embellishments for your floral work.

Remember to keep these embellishments to a minimum in competition work – your plant material must pre-dominate or you will lose precious points.

You will need some decorative/pearl head pins, sequins – shaped and flat, beads and small solid balls (often sold as party favours in toy stores). I find it best to use a small edged tray or handtowel to work on so I don’t keep losing beads and sequins on the floor.

Bead balls 1


Take a pin and thread onto it a shaped sequin, followed by a bead, then a flat sequin. Push the loaded pin into the ball. Keep this up until the ball is completely covered.

Bead Balls 2


You can do this with larger shapes in either plastic or foam but remember the larger the base, the heavier the final item will be.

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