Corn Husk Flowers

This is great technique to master as it means you can still have a flower “form” in a design when you are only permitted to use foliage.

The finished “flower” will dry well and can be used as is or coloured for use in wallhangings etc.

  1. Separate the individual leaves from the corn cob.

Lay out to dry slightly. Sort into widths, length isn’t as important.

2. Fold the thinnest leaf in half horizontally. This will form the centre of the flower.

3. Working from narrow to wide, fold the individual leaves in half (horizontally) and wrap around the centre and ensuing “petals” until you have reached the desired size.
When wrapping the “petal” shapes overlap slightly in the same way as a standard flower would appear.

4. Finish off by wrapping jute/string around the base of the flower. You could also use an elastic band if you are planning to dry these flowers as it will match the shrinking foliage during the drying process. An elastic band would, of course, need to be covered before use in a design.

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