Casual membership for regular online floral design competitions and personalised feedback.


Casual membership provides access to all the member content at any time of the day or night from anywhere in the world (where you have internet access!)

You are eligible for four (4) entries per year in our regular member design competitions.

These are just some of our online member benefits:

  1. New designs every month with a full breakdown of how to create them;
  2. New techniques every month with step by step instructions so you can use the technique;
  3. Regular challenges where you can send an image of a design of yours and have it assessed by internationally qualified floral art judges;
  4. Full written judging feedback on your individual designs submitted for our online challenges;
  5. Regular webinars with internationally acclaimed floral designers;
  6. Access to unique images of all designs from world class competitions;
  7. Regular webinars with international floral art judges to talk about floral art from basic designs to emerging trends;
  8. Help with preparation for floral art competitions at any level;
  9. An opportunity to ask the questions that are important to you.

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