Phoenix – Floral Art Design

Phoenix is a defined Traditional design style which has to show the regeneration of a round symmetrical form with a burst of material from its centre. The base design should be compact, radial with very little space between the flowers.

Using a small vase in a sympathetic pink colour (not really obvious from the image), I have filled it with a round design by taking advantage of some spectacular camellias interspersed with grevilleas and grevillea foliage. Rising from the centre of the design are three grevillea stems with all foliage removed except for that surrounding the flower heads.

The most difficult part of a Phoenix design is selecting plant material that can be shown both in the base design and on a long upright stem for the burst.

This design placed third. It was judged by image for an online competition.

Judges comments: Excellent use of colour and plant material to depict this design style. The base design needs more plant material – there should not be any space in this section.

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