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First and foremost, thank you for joining our enthusiastic floral design group.

Even though we never meet in person, we share a love of floral art and design, give our best to the monthly design competitions and importantly, learn practical skills from members around the world about floral designs, techniques, competitions and trends at a time when it suits us as individuals.

Welcome – we hope you will find lots of useful resources for your floral art journey.

Kim Baillie – Founder of FloralArtOnline.Com

Are you looking for some design inspiration? You will find a new design added every week (usually on a Tuesday) with a discussion on how it was constructed, the thinking behind the class title interpretation and the competition result with judges comments.

For every kind of design from miniature (under 10cm) to floor based ones 2 metres high.

Click here for Bench based designs – staged on a table or bench and judged from the front

Click here for Floor based designs – staged on the floor and judged from the front and sides

Click here for All Around designs – staged on a plinth/cube and judged all around

Click here for Miniature and Petite designs – designs with regulated size limits, either under 10cm or under 24cm

Click here for defined Design Styles – these are designs where the style is strictly defined e.g. period designs (Art Noveau, Roccoco, Georgian etc); Abstract; Assemblage; Collages….

Perhaps it’s some new techniques you’d like to explore? We have that covered too.

About once a month there is a new technique added here with step by step instructions, and sometimes a video, so you can take your time to perfect the technique without the pressure of time in an organised workshop.

Click here for the range of techniques already waiting for you.

As always, the team here is keen to provide you with answers, so send yours through to our hardworking member co-ordinator, Bonnie, and she will find the best team member to be in contact with you.

Now that you are with us, why not have a think about this month’s design competition? For all the details click here.

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