International Competition Images

Photography is the story I fail to put into words.

Destin Sparks

Do you wish you could see one of the “great” flower shows from around the world? Do you marvel at the images you see fleetingly on Pinterest or Instagram?

Inspiration and appreciation come to us in many ways. Sharing what we see and experience around the world with our floral art family helps us to remember. It provides the opportunity to have you join in this pleasure too without all the hassles of travel.

Here you will find both images and videos from some of the international events I have been privileged to attend, including

  1. World Association of Floral Artists (WAFA) World Shows (held every 3 years)
  • Ireland 2014,
  • Barbados 2017
  • India 2020

2. Singapore Garden Show / Floral Design Society of Singapore Cup 2016

3. Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2018

There are over 700 unique and exclusive images to enjoy so grab a coffee, sit back and be inspired!

WAFA India 2020 – A Grand Floral Affair

Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

WAFA Barbados – Flowers To Paradise

Class 4 In High Spirits

Staged on a rum barrel with six metal straps. Space allowed 76cm diameter, height optional

10th FDSS Cup Singapore

10th FDSS Cup 2016 Professionals

Professional class required to exhibit 2 planned designs plus an impose in a space 3m x 3m

WAFA Ireland – A Floral Odyssey

WAFA Ireland 2014 Competition Designs

A collection of various competition designs from the World Flower Show 2014 in Dublin, Ireland

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