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This is a new style of floral art group – one where you can learn all kinds of techniques and design styles BUT you don’t have to travel to meetings or workshops.


You can access the technique tutorials by going to the main page and selecting the one that interest you. These are presented in step by step format with images and instructions.


If you prefer to learn with a video, then go to the video tutorial section. Here there are techniques, designs, my own video competition diaries and other related information (like what I have in my workbag) all presented as videos.


I also have a podcast series for those who want to listen to information whilst carrying out other tasks…….like the dreaded gym workout!! These podcasts are specifically for those of you preparing for competitions.


For your copy of my guide to entering floral art competitions (as featured in the Floral Art Fridays video series), click on the link below:

4 Steps To Entering Your Floral Art Competition


Kim Baillie - Floral Art Coach


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