Shades of Green – Petite

The title for this Petite class was “Shades of Green”. Sometimes when we are designing we forget to think about the actual difference between tints, tones and shades. For this class it was not only important to get the sizing correct (petite for this judging means under 24cm or 10 inches) but also to ensure that only “shades” of green were used not tints or tones.

So what is the difference? A tint is achieved by adding white to the base colour, a tone uses the addition of grey and a shade uses black. So my shades should all have been darker than the starter green colour used in the design.

The design is constructed on a small block of wood with two stub wires stuck in the wood and able to be bent to any shape I desire. For this design I have bent them into a slow spiral so I could glue to camellia leaves to emphasise the shape.

Grapes and bullion wire finish off this abstract design.

Judges comments: It’s all about the word “shades”. If the leaves are the starter green colour then the grapes and the base are tints. If the base is the starter colour then the leaves and wire are shades but the grapes are not.
A smaller base or plant material over the base would make it less dominant in this design. Good movement and scale of material for a petite design.

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