Petite Traditional

Class title: Petite traditional
Staging: more than 10cm less than 25cm including container, must depict a defined traditional design style

With these very clear instructions for staging of this class, it was time to consult my local Association manual for all the choices I might have that are classified as traditional design styles. I felt that most competitors would present a traditional symmetrical triangle pedestal style design albiet on a much smaller scale. I wanted to try something else, mostly because I have trouble with a standard size symmetrical triangle so a smaller one would be too stressful! I decided on an inverted crescent.


petite traditional

The container is a delightful marble and silver urn onto which I have secured a piece of floral foam.

Fishbone fern and maidenhair fern form the inverted crescent line on either side of the container with the central area a mass of miniature Chinese orchids.

Judging feedback: Very good to see a design style other than a symmetrical triangle. The crescent line is not quite rounded enough, it should form a circle if continued to meet each other from the sides. The massed floral material is too visually heavy for the size of this design although a good choice for it. Half the amount of floral material would have worked well in this design.

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