Petite Modern 3

Class title: Petite modern
Staging: more than 10cm and less than 25cm overall

This is a class title that appears quite regularly in my competitions so I am challenged to do something different each time.


Petite Modern

For this design I have used a slice of tree branch including the bark as the base placing a piece of driftwood on it to hide the floral foam required for the other plant material.

Reindeer moss is pushed into some of the larger gaps in the driftwood to soften its dominance in the design. To create some strong vertical lines in the design I have made a lattice with cut pieces of steel grass with 3 stems of leucodendron placed in front.

Judging feedback: This design was not considered modern by the judge. The judge believed that the technique used with the steel grass was contemporary so it was not considered for prize placement. The judges decision is final.

In an effort to learn from this experience, I went back to my rule book definitions and asked some other judges – all agreed that my design should be considered modern as some manipulation of material is allowed.

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