Petite Modern 2

Class title: Petite modern
Staging: more than 10cm less than 25cm overall including container
Another example of my fondness for the modern designs – they are almost ikebana. In fact the modern design movement in the 1960s was heavily influenced by ikebana.


Petite Modern Basic

Here I have used a slice of tree branch including the bark as the base for featuring a piece of driftwood. A single banksia flower is placed horisontally on the base – it does not need a water source for the duration of this show and a single stem of banksia foliage is attached to the back of the driftwood.

Remember that most competitions require that you use horticultural material or plant material – not just flowers. This can expand your selection and give your designs an added level of expertise.

Judging feedback: Very good to see something other than a flower as the focal point in a design this size. Good use of the shape of all plant materials included. Scale and proportion are correct.

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