Modern Petite 2019

Once again I have attempted a Petite design – this time in the Modern style as was required by the schedule.

Petite (and Miniature) designs are a good test of your ability to adjust scale and proportion of plant material in your designs. I still need a lot of practice at this!

In this design, limited to between 10cm and 24cm, I wanted to feature the driftwood and make the remainder of the design a seaside style.

The base is an old CD painted to complement the wood but looking at it now, perhaps some sand would have enhanced my interpretation.

The design is visually unbalanced as most of the weight is at the base. Some placement of small amounts of the yellow statice would have helped with both movement of colour and balance. Alternatively bringing the fishbone fern down across the wood could have highlighted the wood and the movement of its weathering.

There needs to be some colour inside the hollow (pushed right inside the design) to create interest at that level as well. Using the statice inside the timber hollow would soften the dominance of the carnation placement.

I actually appreciate looking back at these designs and learning from a more independent view that elapsed time allows!

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