Miniature Native Flora 2

Class title: Miniature using Australian native plant material
Staging: less than 12 cm overall
I went through a design phase where I loved miniature work. I am over it at present…..

Miniature designs require a great deal of planning and painstaking work to get the scale and proportion correct. We are fortunate to have much horticultural material native to Australia that can be used in this design style and the competition classes are always hotly contested.


Miniature Aust native

The container here is a very small spirits/brandy balloon that is slightly shorter than the maximum height for this class. It is filled across the bottom with native seedpods, nuts and berries to cover a small piece of floral foam that supports a single spider grevillea flower and foliage and a single stem of melaleuca thymifolia (a tiny white lacy flower).

Judging feedback: The judge felt the glass container distracted from the beauty of the plant material inside it. This is a competition for home grown plant material so it was not judged in the same way as a regular floral art competition. Once again, check the local Show rules before you decide to enter a competition. Each competition should provide a learning experience for you especially as it relates to judging feedback.

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