Miniature Contemporary

Class title: Miniature Contemporary
Staging: more than 4cm less than 10cm overall

A contemporary design should use techniques and styles that are at the leading edge of floral design today. I often struggle with the difference between modern and contemporary but more practice and exposure to both makes the differences a little clearer.

With this design I tried to combine a traditional style (Underwater) with a contemporary technique of having some plant material linking two parts of the design.

Miniature Contemporary
The glass container is one of those miniature perfume bottles that come in sets available on planes through their duty free outlets. Don’t limit yourself to floral supply outlets for your containers and mechanics – ideas and opportunities are everywhere!

The bottle is filled with water and my single stem of plant material placed inside. A bundle of casuarina (or you could use pine needles) are placed from the lid (with water in it also) beside the bottle to the lip of the bottle.

Judging feedback: An interesting mix of traditional and contemporary ideas. The design would have been more contemporary with some wire around the casuarina bundle and the plant material in the bottle not fully submerged as being fully submerged makes the focal part of the design traditional not contemporary.

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