Miniature Collection

Class title: Miniature
Staging: more than 4cm less than 10cm

Here are three examples of miniature designs. I have grouped them together as the images are not very clear. These were all entered in one class at my local agricultural show – mostly to encourage others to enter in following years. The Show is judged in a relaxed format, again to encourage more entries to make the pavilion look interesting.



The first example uses the lid of a famous brand of dark rum in Australia as the container. This allows for a small piece of floral foam to supply water to the plant material and hold it neatly in place. The basis of this design was to be a modern mass with placements of similar material together in a non symmetrical way. Small daisies, native Christmas bush and fishbone fern make up the plant material.

Juding feedback: A nice presentation that would have been improved with better choice of floral material. The Christmas bush is out of scale to the daisies and makes the design out of balance vsiually.



In this example I have used a small ceramic ramekin dish as the container. It is filled with floral foam covered in small pebbles. Plant material is bark, grass strips and melaleuca thymilfolia (a very small lacy white flower).

You can see that the container is too dominant in this design although the remainder of the material is in both scale and proportion.


The third example uses a glass basket (the handles broke off years ago). It is filled with dried statice – great to use because it does not lose its colour when dried. The glass container has a floral decoration on the front. Whilst the plant material is both in scale and proportion, the design could have been improved by bringing some of the plant material over the edge of the container at the front to soften the harshness of the glass.

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