Using A Musical Theme

This design was part of a three person demonstration where the individual designs were brought together at the end to represent the theme of the education weekend which was “From the Mountains To The Sea”.

My co-demonstrators did designs showcasing the mountains and the sun, my share was the sea. Each of us had a piece of well known and appropriate theme music playing whilst we put our designs together – this added another dimension to our preparation as we are used to talking all though a demonstration.

My music was “Under The Boardwalk” – a big test as I usually sing along every time I hear it!

Each of us had a free standing wire mesh screen to use as the staging for our part of the overall design. I have used palm leaf stems, edged in natural rope made from agapanthus foliage to create a line suggesting a wave with dried, bleached seaweed to add character. A small palm inflorescence is tucked in one side with wire wrapped shredded typha following the line of the “waves”. A small amount of fresh plant material is placed in rope covered vials on both sides of the mesh give the design some depth.

The audience definitely enjoyed this different approach to a floral design demonstration – the music and three designs then being brought into one design gave them some inspiration for their own design work.

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