Orchids Around The World

This design was part of a national orchid show for growers – the floral art section was a special addition to showcase what can be done with the orchid flowers.

The title of this class gave me an opportunity to highlight a country I had recently visited that has a strong connection with orchids, something I did not realise until I visited. The country is Barbados. The bonus for me was that I had a book with orchids highlighted in Barbados that I could incorporate into the design. I also felt that many would decide to show Asian countries and their connection to orchids so (as usual) I wanted my design to depict a perhaps lesser known connection.

Using the large wire circles and hebel block stands I have covered in other posts, the structure is designed to support large foliage to depict a jungle. As I mentioned in the technique posts for this structure (click here), it can be adapted to many heights and configurations. Here I have used two blocks with varying heights of poles so that the front ring sits on the top of the front posts and is tied off to the back posts. A second ring is threaded through the front posts to again rest of the back posts. This give repetition to the design as well as strength to the structure.

The rings are covered in coconut fibre wih some pieces of foam to provide a water source to the foliage and orchids. Palm influorescence is draped over parts of the rings to reflect the jungle – as does the placement of large foliage leaves. Large vine stems are twisted through in the way you might see them in a jungle.

Proportion and scale are very important in these large floor based designs – you need to remember that simple large placements will make impact and tell the story.

Finally orchid sprays are placed to suggest natural growth in the jungle/forest with the book and a flyer from a Barbados orchid farm at the base to reinforce my interpretation.

This design placed third.

Judges Comments: An interesting and different interpretation of the title – genuinely Orchids Around the World.
I would have liked to see more orchids in this design.

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