My Masterpiece

Class title: My Masterpiece
Staging: supplied stand raised 7cm from the floor with a base 1m square and a height of 2m, incorporating a supplied easel, judged from the front and sides.

In my early floor designs, I had difficulty adjusting to the larger scale of this style of design work. The easel actually made it easier as it filled so much of the space and gave me a “structure” size to work alongside. This is a handy tip for any of you who might also be struggling with scale – use a structure within the space to give you some idea of how to best use the space with your design.

After tossing around a few ideas, I decided that “my masterpiece” in purely paint art form would not be anything greater than the humble potato prints I produced many years ago in school. What else could be a masterpiece in horticultural terms? Naturally the spectacular results of the talented vegetable carvers of Thailand came to mind. Having tried my hand at this with apples in a previous competition, I determined to learn some basics and turn my exhibit into an “Horticultural Art Studio” to produce “My Masterpiece”.


My Masterpiece

The studio is represented by a bamboo mat base, rectangular stone container (partly obscured at the back of the photo) which has a clear tall perspex sheet sitting in it, held in place by large polished black stones. This “wall” is adorned with sprays of orchids and some potato print masterpieces provided by my grandsons. The shelf of the easel has a cascading orchid arrangement set in a coconut shell.


The remainder of the exhibit is comprised of various examples of my vegetable carving skills – a cabbage leaf made into a filigree tree leaf, celery base into a rose, cucumber with a flower carved into it,sweet potato and various pumpkins with flower carvings.


Carved Vegetables


I thoroughly enjoyed the vegetable carving as did the others at the venue whilst I was completing it. I can recommend YouTube for learning – there are some very instructional videos there.

Carved Pumpkin

Judging feedback: A very innovative presentation of the class title. The design could have been improved by placing the carving work higher into the design – making it a feature rather than a base placement. (The other competitors all used the easel in a more traditional interpretation, presenting a panel of floral work on it.)

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