Glorious Confusion

This design needed to incorporate roses and was to be staged on a raised based 1m square with a backing of 1.8m. Once again it was on a day when roses were in extremely limited supply at the flower markets – something that the competition schedule compilers should take into consideration, both for competitors and show attendees. End of rant!

I decided to interpret this as a confusion of structures as well as placements. Here I have used my trusty hebel base with pole supports. This used to be exactly the same colour as the staging material, however these had been repainted but not advised in the competition schedule…..I will not repeat my earlier rant!

Rolled chicken wire mesh, twisted pool noodles and timber skewers (painted black) have been randomly placed to create visual confusion. Roses and foliage requiring a water source are placed in vials within the structure. These are interspersed with dried materials such as wheat, banksia and eryngia.

Judges comments: Not enough roses – the other plant material dominates. There is no connection of placement between the lower and upper halves of this design. Definitely a “confusion” design though.

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