Every Which Way

Class title: Every Which Way
Staging: 1 metre square, height 2m maximim, some dahlia flowers to be used, judged front and sides, contemporary
The first challenge – dahlias to work with the size of this exhibit. As I can use other flowers as well, the dahlias will need to be a solid colour to stand out as part of the design.


Every Which Way

Here again I have used my standard lamp base and twisted vine. If you haven’t seen the other example of these being used, you can have a look here.

The vine has been cut down to fit the sizing of this exhibit and to give me an end I can use a contemporary technique to suspend some plant material. This is at the base end where I have attached some foliage via a spider webbed connection to the vine.

The base is covered with small pebbles and a conveniently twisted piece of hose wraps around the rod and vine. At each end of the hose are strelitzia (in vials inside the hose). A word about the hose – as you might have read elsewhere, I am based on a farm. My dad loves to find “interesting” things for me to use in my floral art and presented me with this hose after he had run over it with the tractor and managed to have it completely wrapped around the slashing blades under the tractor. How could I not use such a piece of bespoke art???
Dahlia flowers are attached to the design in foliage covered vials. Camellia leaves (which will remain turgid so don’t need a water source) are attached to the vine and hose using double sided tape. A number of camellia leabes are suspended with thin silver wire throughout the design.

Judging feedback: A good overall use of the space with some excellent examples of contemporary techniques. The plant material apart from the strelitzias is not in scale with the design. It could have been improved with the use of much larger foliage in the same techniques and composite dahlia flowers rather than single ones.

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