Contemporary Floral Design – Experimental

If you have seen some of my techniques on this website you will recognise the stand/structure I have re-used here. Click here if you want to read more about this first.

The title for this class was “Experimental – A Contemporary Design”. Staging is 1 metre square with a height limited to 1.8 metres. My interpretation was to explore (or experiment) with design techniques I had recently learned or seen.

The hebel block stand has been re-tasked with the upright tubes used to place Xanthorrhoea flower spikes of varying heights. One is wrapped with typha foliage and bunches of Xanthorrhoea foliage have been tied to the spike upside down.

The stocking technique using thin sticks as spreaders creates a contemporary look to the design with gumnuts and proteas to finish the plant material placements. You can read how to do this technique by clicking here.

This design was awarded a Highly Commended. The judge felt it could have been improved with a much larger protea placement at the base to balance the protea at the top of the design.

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